More Batman V. Superman Screenshots Have Leaked From San Diego Comic-Con Footage

CBM: Revealing another look at Batman in The Dark Knight Returns armor, as well the Bat Symbol and a rather ticked off Superman, more photos have leaked from Batman v Superman's Comic-Con footage.

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Crazay1599d ago

WHat lame article showcasing screencaps from a poorly made video that was already posted.

Treezy5041599d ago

To be fair this article was posted before the trailer and was just approved late.

Soldierone1599d ago

Isn't it a little weird that they used the Batman" Brave and the Bold logo for this?

Fringe_Agent131599d ago

The logo actually comes from The Dark Knight Returns. The whole costume is actually.

Soldierone1599d ago

I guess it's just the angle of it making it look weird. The comic one feels more "squished" while Brave And The Bold feels more pronounced, but fat.

OfficerDewey1598d ago

People thought Big Ben couldn't do Batman. Well now, that chin says it all. I want a poster already for the stare down. Epic.

WizzroSupreme1598d ago

Ben's chin is the chinniest of chins. Batman V. Superman is gonna rake in the bucks by the hair of its chinny chin chin.

ironfist921598d ago

Chins do not a Batman make.

His acting is still in question, and when he was he showed up at Comic Con, Affleck looked bored out of his mind. Combine that with his annoyances and problems with wearing the suit, and we basically have sound evidence that he did this for the fame and fortune, and not for the integrity of the films/comics/characters/story.