Warner Bros. Reveals First Look at Wonder Woman From Dawn of Justice

From Cinelinx:

Zack Snyder's Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is currently filming and so far we've seen Batman (including the latest amazing pic of Ben Affleck's Batman) and the Man of Steel himself in their new costumes for the film. The key missing piece of the comic book superhero Trinity, however, hasn't been seen...until now.

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Porcelain_Chicken1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

Super sexy!! It looks great! They really capture a classic WW look and have made it work! I can see all the haters now that she is at the perfect weight lol... Were gonna see the "uuuuuuh, she still cannot actz!" card played alot from now on.

Really hoping we get a high-res pic soon.


AND higher-res pic!!! Nice! Thanks darklordzor lol! xD

darklordzor1604d ago

I aim to please. I updated as soon as WB sent it my way.

-Foxtrot1604d ago

Looks worse then I thought it would, it's not really Gal it's just the costume in general. It doesn't even look like a Wonder Woman costume, more like a regular Amazonian. Not much colour aswell

It seems like she's in costume for a Gladiator sequel.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

Wonder Woman IS a regular Amazonian. Princess or not. I'm assuming she'll have a separate outfit with the stars kinda like Batman has the armored one Dark knight returns one. Either way it wouldn't bug me if they left them off. I agree the colors are a little muted though. But no biggie.

Also, there was Amazonians in Gladioator?

-Foxtrot1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

I meant it is in she was the sole Amazonian who was different from the rest which made her such a major character to us. The one who stood out from everyone else.

"Also, there was Amazonians in Gladiator?"

No...I'm just poking fun that the costume as it looks like it comes from those types of films...either that or she's trying to be Xena the Warrior Princess.

maniacmayhem1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

Doesn't look like Wonder Woman's costume?


Do you even read comics?

-Foxtrot1603d ago looks nothing like it, jeez how deluded

Do YOU read comics

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

Makes sense. I've always thought Xena was loosely based on WW. Both fierce warrior women. Dark hair, blue-eyed champions. Both stemmed from Greek mythology and both featured Amazons. They were both demi-Gods (well with Xena it was hinted at, but never confirmed). They both tussled with Ares at one point. Xena was even given the "Warrior princess" moniker lol.

I think it makes sense to base WW's costume on real ancient greek outfits. Gal's costume strikes a balance with both the Wonder Woman and the greek warrior. It's got the WW colors (New 52). The tiara, the arm cuff thingys, the eagle, the texture & design on the her top is exactly like WW's New 52 suit!!!!!! I also love how they secretly got the the WW into her belt. Very crafty.

I knew they'd go this route judging by how Supes costume had an alien look to it. While the GL costume had a created by a light construct look to it. As weird as the GL one ended up looking the idea was neat.

maniacmayhem1603d ago

Deluded!? Yea, lol indeed.

What exactly is looks nothing like the comic version Fox, please explain.

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Anthotis1604d ago

Pretty bad, but at least it's not a black leather trenchcoat.

darklordzor1604d ago

I kind of like it. Honestly, it's a tad dark, yes, but it still looks like Wonder Woman. Feels instantly recognizable to me and that's what is important with the character. That and she kind of looks like a badass (definitely a Xena vibe going on).

ironfist921604d ago

I like it. Im glad they gave her the Gladiator/Greek/Roman look and not the stripper suit.

Still have my doubts about her acting though.

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