Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice’s Ben Affleck Never Wanted To Wear Costume Again After Daredevil

In an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con International, Comic Book Men’s Kevin Smith talked about how he might cosplay next year at Comic-Con. Smith also relayed a story about a very famous friend, who once complained about how he never wanted to do a costume movie again because of how uncomfortable superhero suits are.

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Anthotis1600d ago

I didn't want him to wear another costume either. Especially, not the Batsuit.

dota2champion1600d ago

no one had given any legit reason why ben affleck shouldn't be batman.

-Foxtrot1600d ago

Despite being an alright actor, not one role he's been since his first big role has screamed "I am a perfect candidate to play Bruce Wayne/Batman".

Even if you look past all the young kids who were mostly behind the "Heath Legeder will suck as the Joker" only said that because his last major role was Brokeback Mountain, most people knew Heath was a good actor and if you were sensible you knew he had a chance to play a good part.

Ben, Gal and Jessie just don't seem like good actors for their chosen parts. There's so many actors out there who could of played the parts better but it seems that Warner Bros are more focused on getting names which sell to a certain demographic groups.

Ben - He won an Oscar for Argo...that right there is great to plaster on advertising.

Gal - For the younger audience who have seen her in the Fast and Furious films, the "sexy" character. Plus she was probably cheap know since they probably wern't too sure on WW as a solo character in future films.

Jessie - Appeals to audiences who have seen him in Zombieland, The Social Network, Now You See Me etc.

Jason Momoa - Game of Thrones star, got huge praise for that role. Targeted towards GOT fans.

You've got Dwayne Johnson up for a role, you obviously know he's going to pull in a certain crowd.

Point is unlike Marvel they don't cast based on if they can pull off the role or if they look right for the part, it's just "What actor can we exploit for advertising".

If Warner Bros went with Zacks choice and gone for Josh Brolin then he is someone who would of been a better choice. I can't believe for a second Josh would turn down the role for a massive job like that. Obviously Warner Bros didn't want him for the part.