Under the Dome 2.04 Review: “Revelation” | TVOM

TVOM: "Last week it was raining acid, this week pigs are dropping dead on Under the Dome. Rebecca is still the worst character, arguably surpassing Big Jim as the most hated character and she’s only been on a few episodes so far.

Why is Rebecca so terrible, you ask? Well, she proposes that Jim release a swine flu virus into a water source in Chester’s Mill. Jim is even shocked that she’s ready to shake the proverbial tree already but he leaves it up to her to do the dirty work. It isn’t until she’s about to pour the virus into the holy water at a support group meeting in the church of all places that she has a change of heart. At first I thought maybe seeing the single mother Harriet with her baby and voicing her unwavering faith is what changed Rebecca’s mind, but no. She overheard the farmer telling Harriet that more than a dozen pigs have died. Rebecca thought it was only the one pig whose blood she drew a vial of, but this news means the virus has mutated and could be more dangerous than she initially thought."

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