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John McTiernan In Talks For Final Die Hard Movie?

You might know that there’s a sixth Die Hard in the works by 20th Century Fox. The guy tasked with writing this movie is Ben Trebilcook. Yesterday ManlyMovie had an exchange with Trebilcook on Twitter, really just a chance thing. When quizzed on Die Hardest, Trebilcook was quick to correct on the title, allegedly called Old Habits Die Hard. But more interestingly, he alluded to John McTiernan being linked to the project...

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-Foxtrot1609d ago

Hopefully it will go out with a bang and on a high note

Best thing they could do is take it full circle and have something like the first film. No son, no daughter just John and his mission. I would like to see Samuel L Jackson involved somehow. If they go full circle and relate it to the first film maybe they could introduce another Hans.

Holly has to be in it aswell, I can't believe she wasn't in Die Hard 4/5

ironfist921609d ago

The only thing that needs to Die Hard is the film series...