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Nothing good will ever come from going into the jungle.
What They Say:
El Toro – A small team heads to the jungles of Nicaragua to find monkeys for Rachel’s vaccine trials. Chandler and his men face a moral dilemma when they encounter a former drug kingpin.

The Review:
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The Last Ship had a decent if predictable fourth episode where the focus was more on the cast and how they’ll handle very difficult situations. While there are other outs that could have been written that were easier and made more sense, it would have avoided the main point of it all. Shifting the focus away from that here as the crew is now moving to Costa Rica, the plans are going into motion there to achieve their next goal. Getting monkeys is critical to what Rachel needs so she can test the vaccine that she’s developing as those trials will go a long way towards explaining how well it works, what faults there are and what side effects there might be. Experimenting on monkeys doesn’t sit too well with Chandler, but he also knows that it’s a must-do kind thing since there’s so many fates at stake.

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