James Gunn Says 'Planet Hulk'/'Guardians of the Galaxy' Rumors Are "A Bunch Of Complete Bullsh*t"


Last year, Latino-Review reported that the "Planet Hulk" comic book storyline would soon be stomping into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (In the comic book, the Hulk is banished from Earth and winds up on a fearsome world, following a "Conan"-style trajectory from gladiatorial warrior to ruler of the planet.) The rumors were debunked, but late last month, Hitfix teased a potential "Guardians of the Galaxy" sequel that would also feature "Planet Hulk"-style story elements (head to that site for the full, potentially spoilery details). Well, we recently spoke to "Guardians of the Galaxy" writer/director James Gunn, and he set the record straight on both counts.

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