Guardians Of The Galaxy Press Screenings Have No After The Credits Scene

Guardians of the Galaxy has started official screenings for the press, and has confirmed from multiple sources that the press screenings have no after the credits scene.

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darklordzor1613d ago

Yeah, one of the few bummers of the press screenings for these movies is that they never include the stingers. Oh well, hard to bitch about a free early movie!

thorstein1611d ago

Guardians is a one and done movie though. I can't wait to see it. But, what more is going to be done with this crew? Cameos in other films?

darklordzor1611d ago

They've got a sequel in the works. I mean, Marvel isn't into the one and done movies anymore. Unless it works with their overall plan for their films, they won't make it. That's just how they operate now.