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TV Equals Longmire Season 3 Review “Population 25″

Apologies for the delay Longmire readers. Sickness waylaid me, but I’m now caught up with this week’s Vic-stravaganza. I was hopeful that we would finally get to see Vic spending some quality time with her husband, Sean. But, sadly, it’s short lived and downright tragic.

Shortly after starting out on their romantic get away, Vic and Sean swerve to avoid a bear and end up crashing into the ravine. Vic is cautious enough to bring a gun and a cell phone on the trip, yet she refuses to take either when she goes down the road for help. When Vic doesn’t return, Sean sees Gorsky speed by. You can almost hear the “dum, dum, dummmm.” Walt shows up after getting a frantic call from Sean. Turns out Gorsky is Vic’s fairy godstalker and conveniently witnessed the kidnapping of Sean. So who’s really behind the abduction? Walt’s nemesis – Chance Gilbert. When we got this reveal, my initial reaction was, “Huh?” Again, Gilbert is one of those minor characters that surfaces sporadically, so I have a hard time remembering what his deal is. Then I realized, we don’t know his deal and Walt has to spoon feed it to us in a 5 second synopsis.

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alycakes1613d ago

This is one of my favorite shows. It's just so different from the norm. Very raw and natural. The characters are just so good and really bring out the best of that person that you really forget they're acting.