5 Reasons Why Falcon Likely Won't Become Captain America In The Movies


Last night on The Colbert Report, Marvel made an announcement we were all expecting: the new Captain America in the comics would be the Falcon. This is a pretty neat change from the status quo, giving Sam Wilson a chance to shine after the character's appearance in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This is progress, right?

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-Foxtrot1607d ago

I think it's mostly because they are setting Bucky up to take over.

He's signed up to nine films so by the time we get up to Captain America 3 I think at the end Bucky will realise who he is, then by the Avengers 3 when Steve "dies" Bucky will take over for his friend.

Bucky can match Steves strength, agility, fighting etc more then Falcon.

Crazay1607d ago

I think you're right - bbut if somehow they augment his abilities or give him the super soldier serum in the comics, they could still do it in the movies.