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Duck Dynasty 6.06 Review: “De-Bug Life” | TVOM

TVOM: "Well, Duck Dynasty has to receive some kind of medal for the remarkable level of consistency it has achieved over 6 seasons. Despite the recent snub in the Emmy nominations (Wahlburgers? Really?) the Duck Dynasty crew delivered yet another strong episode this week. Of course there is a standard of quality we fans expect, but they almost always deliver.

In one story: Jase and the boys go searching for crawdads in one of their duck blinds, only to find a gator (just a small one, but it makes no difference to Godwin) and a LOT of bugs. So, it’s time to have the annual cleaning of the duck blinds. Cleaning the duck blinds is like their version of paperwork, according to Jase. I’d have to agree, because it did NOT look fun. Before long, however, Jase gets sidetracked into his vendetta against ants (after recanting a traumatic childhood experience involving Miss Kay and a muffin party), and tears down half the forest. Phil is not the least bit amused by this, but when they decide to move the duck blind, he decides he can live with it. Highlights of this poltline: Godwin eats an old jar of pickles they find in the blind, and Godwin throws up later."

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