Kevin Feige Rejects Marvel Criticism Over Edgar Wright Exit


Ahead of the release of Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel president says new director Peyton Reed will deliver 'absolute best version' of Ant-Man and that superhero production house is not 'big evil studio' opposed to creativity

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-Foxtrot1610d ago

Yeah whatever you say Feige

You don't make plans with someone and get them involved for like 7 years only to go at the last minute "Yeah I don't think this is working".

Besides they still kept most of the script he wrote together with Cornish as they would be able to re-write it that quick.

darklordzor1610d ago

This is exactly what I was thinking. There was so much involvement over the last several years, that it's almost impossible to say what he is.

It's just trying to downplay what happened. Which I totally understand why, but don't act like we're all stupid.

Defectiv3_Detectiv31609d ago

We all know what kind of films Edgar Wright makes and there is no way that was going jive with Disney and their lame phase films.