Ian McDiarmid Not In Star Wars: Episode VII; Hopes To Play Emperor Again (Video)


We can count the Emperor out of Star Wars: Episode VII, at least played by Ian McDiarmid.

Ian McDiarmid attended the recent London Film and Comic-Con where he stated he is not in the new Star Wars, but would like to reprise as the Emperor if given the chance.

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RetrospectRealm1610d ago

I hope to god we see him again. Not in Ep. 7, 8, or 9. I mean a spin-off before Ep. 6.

Crazay1610d ago

I have 0 interest in seeing the Emperor again. There's no need - his time has come and gone. We saw his rise to power, we saw his fall. Leave it like that. Time to let a bigger more sinister threat take center stage.

RetrospectRealm1610d ago

What about maybe a Sidious-Plageuis type prequel? Or even just some type of Vader film where it's a given Sidious would have to be shown in?

Crazay1610d ago

If we're perhaps talking a Vader Spin-off...MAYBE. but that's a big big maybe. I personally prefer to think of those characters as I've seen them. I don't really need to know what happened after SW Ep3 and before Ep4. I think it's almost better not really being in the know.

I would like to learn about Han Solo, CHewbacca and Lando's history. My understanding is Han was raised by a Wookie (cant lie - my mind was blown away by that revelation.

At the end of the day - I need to see the original heros, and I need to see what's become of them since Jedi. I need to see what comes next so if we don't go to the past, I'm ok with that.

darklordzor1609d ago

I'd be all over seeing him in a spin-off. He'd feel too forced in any of the sequels, but I'd kill for a Palpatine spin-off. The Darth Plageius book was one of my favorites in the EU, and while it doesn't technically count anymore, a movie based on something like that would be very impressive and well worth watching.