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CGM Reviews: The Purge: Anarchy

The Purge was a surprise hit last summer thanks to a pretty ingenious (in a gloriously stupid way) central concept. Unfortunately, the movie failed to actually show the promised night of anarchy known as the purge, instead merely delivering a mediocre home invasion movie anchored by Ethan Hawke being Ethan Hawke. This rushed-to-release sequel rights the original film’s most egregious wrong by at least actually setting a story within the purge, but then manages to get absolutely everything that the first film got right completely wrong. Sure, the setting is terrifying, but the characters a little more than one-note potential corpses, so it’s impossible to care one way or another if they die. Ironically, this film that preaches an anti-violence message ad nauseam serves up heaping doses of violence as its only pleasure. It’s a mess, but you get to finally see the purge this time… so I guess that’s something.

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