TVF The Bridge Review: Reunited

Sonya and Marco are back together again!

While they have grown to work well together, it will be more difficult this time since Marco has a hidden agenda. Will Sonya be able to help turn Marco around and return him to the righteous officer he once was?

There was a lot happening on The Bridge Season 2 Episode 2, but it was never too much. Sonya and Marco both continued to deal with their personal tragedies, though it affected their work life in different ways. Marco stood up for himself and gave a fellow officer a beat down to prove a point. Marco's life blew up, but he knew he did the right thing at work.

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alycakes1608d ago

Wow! this is going to be just as weird and bloody as last season. Maybe even more than last year. The story is building and it fair to say that I think I know where this is going but I've was fooled before because it had so many twists and turns before and I was shocked how it turned out at the end so I won't even try and say this early yet.