Is Thanos Working Secretly with Hydra in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

CBM: While it is not confirmed yet, there are slight possibilities that the most powerful Marvel villain Thanos is secretly working with HYDRA and maybe the reason that Arnim Zola refused to give up after World War Two and chose to corrupt several government officials into serving HYDRA leading to the organization lasting throughout the years and existing in the 21st century for following reasons;

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Deku-Johnny1613d ago

I really can't imagine Thanos working with an organisation on Earth. His ego is too big to feel like he needs to break the humans down from the inside not only that but why would he launch an invasion of the planet if he already had control of all the Earth's security?

RetrospectRealm1613d ago

Some were speculating that when Red Skull touched the Tesseract and was teleported away that he teleported to Thanos and got together with him.

Porcelain_Chicken1612d ago

"he teleported to Thanos and got together with him."

GAAAH!! That's sick! :O

WizzroSupreme1610d ago

Totally. He's got no limits to his underhandedness. But then, that'd confirm Hydra's interstellar capabilities...which'd rock.