Luke Evans Talks Vampire Powers and More on Dracula Untold Set


Luke Evans is a pretty popular guy now and has been in loads of blockbusters including The Hobbit and Fast & Furious 6, but Dracula Untold marks his very first go at playing the title character in a grand scale studio film. He leads Gary Shore’s first feature as Vlad, a character based on Vlad the Impaler. When Mehmet (Dominic Cooper) threatens to take 1,000 boys from Transylvania including Vlad’s son, Vlad makes a desperate play to save them; he becomes a vampire.

During our visit to set, Evans took a break from shooting a scene in the Great Hall to talk to us about his initial reaction to getting the offer to play Dracula and then the months of work he put into it thereafter. Hit the jump for more on Vlad’s mission to save his family and the people of Transylvania, all of the powers he gains after becoming Dracula, what it takes for him to manage Vlad’s enormous character arc and more.

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alycakes1613d ago

I think that this is a Dracula movie I would go see. I like the original story about Vladimir so it would be interesting to see how they tell this one.