Kevin Feige Discusses Ant-Man's Director Issues


Kevin Feige has been talking about the forthcoming Ant-Man movie, with the Marvel Studios boss claiming that the film "is is as good a shape as it's ever been."

It’s been all-change behind-the-scenes of late, with director Edgar Wright departing the project, Peyton Reed being brought in as his replacement, and multiple screenwriters reportedly working on the script.

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-Foxtrot1613d ago

He can try and big Peyton up as much as he likes but come on

Yes Man, the Break Up, Bring it On, Down with love....meh

He has nothing on Edgar Wright

Crazay1613d ago

I'm having trouble disagreeing with you on this guys previous directing experience. maybe he's talked it out with them and he truly has an awesome vision though. Try not to kick the movie in the nuts until you see something of it. They haven't even warmed up the the cameras yet.

-Foxtrot1613d ago

If we had to wait to cast first impressions/judgements then they were wouldn't be first impressions would they

You don't have to wait until we see something, we judge something in the moment until we get a better look at it then options could/will change.

For now, kicking Edgar Wright out for a director who has not proved himself with any of his previous films, especially for a film like Ant Man is silly and can easily be judged because it's such a horrible decision.

It seems like he was

1) Cheap

2) Their last option

3) All they had

Crazay1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Cheap - Maybe
Last Option - Highly doubtful
All they had - Even more doubtful

There clearly is some for of business relationship that's been build from the past. I expect that they had some very long conversations and made an educated decision based on those long conversations. Marvel hasn't really failed yet - Though I suspect you'll point out something that you consider to be failures.

Another thing - Edgar Wright is a fine director but by and large his body of work is comedy. There's some parallels to the 2 in that respect. Granted Edgar Wright likely had more success in terms of box office.

-Foxtrot1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago ) really think he was chosen in the past through long convosations

If he was a good choice for them they would of brought him in AS SOON as Edgar left, it wasn't until the last minute when all the other directors on their "list" didn't want to do it or had other commitments. So yeah with the state Ant Man has been in latley he was their best choice out of a bad situation. No way they would of wanted him to do this but they don't seem to have a choice with it supposed to shoot soon.

"Though I suspect you'll point out something that you consider to be failures"

And this bothers you how. Why do you always care so much what other people think. It's an opinion, I don't hassle you for most of the stuff you I.

" and large his body of work is comedy "

And Peyton is all comedy aswell, only difference is Edgar Wright has done better, more well received films. The only one Peyton has really done which got great reviews was Yes Man.