The Almighty Johnsons 1.01 Review: “It’s a Kind of Birthday Present” | TVOM

The Almighty Johnsons was a good show. It has a generally ridiculous premise, as all fantasy and science fiction does if you think about it too much. These brothers (who vary too much in age to be normal brothers) are actually Norse gods who manifest their powers at the age of twenty-one. So, about twenty-five minutes in, and we are just getting to the good stuff. There have been a couple of interesting scenes that establish character, especially of the main family that the show will center around. There are many uses of their powers, all minor, but all enough to establish that they exist. Freezing a glass of wine and winning at stupid little games, for instance, might not be enough for some members of the fantasy community, but they definitely establish supernatural abilities of one kind or another. But we are only now getting to the point where the main character is realizing the truth about the world and about to receive his powers in an ancient ceremony."

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