10 Awesome Comic Book Villains Ruined By Movies

CBM: Here's a list of some of the best villains in comic book history, that were sadly ruined or greatly damaged by films. So take a look after the jump!

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-Foxtrot1620d ago

The Phoenix was a shame, it's really something which can't be done in one film. The Phoenix saga alone is trilogy worthy so by the third film we should of saw White Phoenix

The Mandarin was the worst though, I think people who try to defend it don't understand that Iron Man fans have been waiting for the Mandarin to appear since the first Iron Man film and when he finally did we get slapped in the face. I mean now we all know thanks to the short film that there is a real Mandarin out there but it seems like it was done because of the backlash....even though Shane Black and his co writer said they wouldn't appologise for anything and revert anything they did, obviously Marvel gave him a good talking to. It's a prime example of not giving people comic book films if they aren't going to respect the source material.

Trevor was funny but he didn't need to be called the Mandarin, he could of been called something else which borrowed stuff from the Mandarin and the "All Hail the King" short still could of happened since Trevor would of still looked like he was mocking the real one.

Iron Man 2 and 3 have a thing about ruining the villains.

RetrospectRealm1620d ago

Marvel gave Shane Black a good talking to? I don't understand. Do you think Marvel didn't know about the twist before the film came out? It's well known that Drew Pearce thought of it, he told Black, who loved it, then they told Marvel Studios god Kevin Feige, who reportedly LOVED it and told them to go ahead.

-Foxtrot1620d ago

Marvel probably thought it would of been well received but when the negative reaction hit them they backed away from it.

Point is Shane Black shouldn't of listened to Drew Pearce and Drew Pearce shouldn't of been a co-writer if that's the case.

Marvel screwed up, Shane did and Drew Pearce.

"Marvel Studios god Kevin Feige, who reportedly LOVED it and told them to go ahead"

I highly doubt Feige gave a crap whether it was well received or not, he knew it would make money regardless and thats all he cares about.

If they loved it so much then they wouldn't of made "Hail to the King" would they.

Defectiv3_Detectiv31618d ago

The Mandarin had to be re-conceptualized. There is no way that the character, in his original form, would work considering the tone of the Iron Man films. Personally, I thought it was one of the few highlights in a film that was otherwise deeply flawed. Just face it, the closest thing you are going to get to Fing Fang Foom is those flying dragons at the end of the Avengers.

RetrospectRealm1620d ago

LOL A typical Marvel hater.

A lot of Marvel fans thought the twist was funny, but they also wanted a real hardcore Mandarin, I did too. But it was still funny as hell when Trevor came out of the bathroom with the Trevor personality. Ben Kingsley's great acting added to it.

But your comment on Kevin Feige being some moneygrubber who doesn't care is TOTAL BS. Feige is one of the biggest Marvel fans out there and really loves what he does. If he didn't care, the MCU would suck.

And yes, I guarantee Marvel did love it so much, but they had to release All Hail The King cause they didn't love the backlash they got. That's why they said they aren't apologizing for anything. Get your facts straight.

-Foxtrot1619d ago

Marvel Hater?

Your joking...right. I love Marvel, the people I have a problem with comic/movie wise is DC.

A lot of Marvel fans...a LOT. I think your over exgerating it a bit mate. I think the majority of us felt we'd been screwed over just for a quick laugh when really they could of done the same thing but NOT use the Mandarin.

I didn't say he didn't give a crap about Marvel comics, I just said in his position he didn't care if it was well received since they end up pulling in money regardless. If he loved Marvel so much and what he does why did he screw over Edgar Wright with Antman.

I doubt they loved it once they saw the final execution and what they had approved. They did it because they screwed up, they p***** off fans and ruined Iron Mans greatest villain.

"That's why they said they aren't apologizing for anything"

No because Shane Black and Drew can't admit they ruined Iron Man 3 and their vision sucked.

Maybe you need to stop trying to defend everything Hollywood does all the time.

Porcelain_Chicken1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

For once buddy i disagree with you and agree with -Foxtrot. Face it, Mandarin sucked and All hail the king was as apologetic as it gets. Whether Marvel believed in the original concept or not.

"A lot of Marvel fans thought the twist was funny,"

NO! The casuals thought the twist was funny. Marvel fans in general got pissed!! It's why All hail the king was so well received. I'll never understand Marvel's joke policy. Loki in the Avengers was taken out with a joke (puny god) instead of a huge final battle or... you know, closure. And Osama bin-mandarin was a joke entirely. How f**king awkward is it gonna be to get a second Mandarin! The right one! And with RDJ stepping out of the Iron Man suit for good after TA3, we'll get a different actor as Tony against the real Mandarin in Iron Man 4... Let that image sink in. We aren't gonna see our first and so far definitive Iron Man (RDJ) fight his arch nemesis. Can you imagine Reeves's Supes or Keaton's Bats without Lex & Joker? Continuity & dreams shattered in a billion ways. :l

On topic. I agree with the list, most of these were depicted terribly. I mean Darth Vader was based on Dr. Doom... you have to be incredibly gifted to f**k up Dr. Doom. While i agree the list has merit, there are more deserving characters. Everyone from Schumacer Batmans, Nuclear Man (DAFUQ DONNER!?) and Gus Gorman. SR Lex Luthor, Dracula (Blade 3).

RetrospectRealm1618d ago

Maybe you should stop criticizing EVERYTHING Hollywood does.

You sure do not seem like a Marvel fan when you talk about the films on every comment you make. The writers don't want to apologize for anything because they believed in their own writing skills. Why apologize just cause some people didn't like what you did? As long as you had fun with it, who cares!?

And you're still wrong about Feige. Sure, he wants the film to make good money, but I wholeheartedly bet they loved it when they saw the final execution? You don't think they could've reshot the scenes? Lol, Think man, they're Marvel Studios. One of the biggest production companies in the world now. Lmao

WizzroSupreme1620d ago

Totally true man. The Mandarin was awesome as long as he was Kingsley...not when he was Pearce.

acemonkey1618d ago

Deadpool, Mandarin just because the switch (im sure they will some how bring him back, the real him)the sentinels in xmen Days of future past (maybe because i was expecting a big battle but it never happen plus i really didnt much care for the design for them either)but dc talia al ghul dark knight rises same goes for scare crow and ra's al ghul, and mr freeze

oh i forgot every villain in ghost rider 1 and 2

Dannycr1618d ago

I don't get Malekith. I thought he was awesome and menacing, but your typical tyrant. There are way worse villains like Mephisto, Blackheart, all the Batman & Robin villains, Nuclear Man in Superman IV, etc

shotgun_ps31618d ago

You know that isn't meant to be Deadpool?

Sure, it's alluded to being Deadpool but if you look at the credits he's called Mutant XI. I've had this argument hundreds of times but still stand by the fact that it's not meant to be Deapool at then end of the film.

I'm a massive Deadpool fan so maybe I'm just trying to make excuses so I can warp my mind into thinking they didn't ruin my favourite character. They did ruin Wade Wilson though by trying to give him Deadpool's fighting style so there is that.

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