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MediaStinger: "“Stupid” monkeys. On horseback. Firing machine guns. Topped off with Commish Gordon launching a rocket into that crowd. That jaw-dropping clip from the TV spots is all you need right there. Cuz either the movie’ll be spectacularly awesome… or if it turns out to be truly stupid like the fourth Transformers, at least you’ll still have that ridiculous visual."

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Hergula1616d ago

Wow, that's quite generous I have to say, but the review kind of explains the perfect score.

WizzroSupreme1616d ago

Can monkeys even fire off those guns with un-opposable thumbs?

TheSaint1615d ago

Could Snake Pliskin really have hit that basket? (If that is Snake in your avatar of course!)

It's a film, reality takes a back seat in a lot of films.