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Lucy Griffiths Exits Constantine

Very surprising news today from one of television's most anticipated new shows:

True Blood alum Lucy Griffiths has been let go from Constantine, the upcoming NBC series based on a comic book character who fights supernatural crime, after producers decided her role of Liv simply didn’t fit with the show.

Griffiths is introduced as a key cast members of the pilot, with Liv a daughter of one of John Constantine’s dead friends.

In place of Liv, the drama will add Zed, a psychic who teams up with Constantine to battle various evil forces. No word yet on who will take on this new role.

Constantine will air on Friday nights and to premiere on October 24 at 9/8c on NBC.

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alycakes1620d ago

I wonder who will replace her.

WizzroSupreme1619d ago

Wonder if they'll be able to make up time and air on date. Doesn't seem likely this far into production.