Pretty Little Liars 5.05 Review: “Miss You x 100″ | TVOM

TVOM: "The 100th episode of Pretty Little Liars started off with Jenna waltzing back to Rosewood and ended with a literal bang…or explosion.

Ali’s been gearing up for her return to school but no one’s buying her contrition act. Hanna’s still having feelings about who she is and what she wants when Caleb suddenly just drops back in her life. Emily’s tries to play peacemaker between Ali and Paige, Paige is having none of it. Emily starts to falter and cave in to Ali and actually initiates a kiss with her. Aria has now transferred her gilt over killing Shana to taking away someone important, Shana, from Jenna. Aria starts her obsessing and just strolling around Jenna’s house where she catches her crying (where are these parents?). Aria proceeds to take about 15 steps backward (in my opinion) and spends the night with Ezra (again, parents?). Spencer’s dealt the heaviest blow this episode when her mother announces that she is leaving her husband. She explains to Spencer that she can’t take all the lies and secrets anymore. This leads to a moment that Pretty Little Liars does best; Hannah comforts Spencer as she knows what being in the middle of a divorce is like. It’s these scenes that keep the show watchable in between all the confusion and outright ignoring of continuity. The viewers are always reminded that these girls are friends who value each other very much."

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