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The Curse of Good Sci-Fi TV

TVOM: "Come on, we all know Doctor Who is the exception to the rule? For some odd and awesome reason, Doctor Who Gets spinoffs and lasts for decades. But why don’t we take a quick moment to look at a few other shows in the genre that just seemed to not get the credit (or air time) they deserved. You see, Sci-Fi on TV is cursed. It really is. If you make good Sci-Fi for TV, be prepared to last a handful of seasons at most. Why? Because stuff that is that epic, well-written, and nuanced, just tends to scare away the sheep-like-masses."

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WizzroSupreme1614d ago

Hah, we can thank Fox for most of that. Sci-fi's just one of those genres too good for its own good, or fan's for that matter. At least it survives longer than horror. That takes about a decade to become a cult classic.