TVF The Bridge Review: Finger, Hand, Ear

The happenings of The Bridge Season 1 left Marco, Sonya and Daniel damaged; each in their own way.

The Bridge Season 2 Episode 1 picked up the threads of Eva's kidnapping and and recovery, Daniela's disappearance, the death of Sonya's sister and Fausto's money.

This broader range of storylines could have led to a disjointed episode, but instead they complemented each other well.

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alycakes1622d ago

Wow, talk about getting off to a bloody start! It did and it continued a little too. I was trying to place the new female monster that ordered the ear cut of of the man that spilled the tea on her and then it came to me.....she played Marie on the first two Bourne movies.

This season is going to be very interesting and it going to deal with even more dark situations if that's even possible if you saw last season.