Star Wars Rumor is News to Moffat, Confirms Involvement in Doctor Who Through Season 9

From Cinelinx:

Steven Moffat, Show Runner and Head Writer of the long-running BBC series Doctor Who, has denied rumors that he’s writing the next Star Wars film but confirms that he will be staying on Doctor Who through season nine.

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darklordzor1537d ago

I had a strong feel that rumor wasn't right. Something about it didn't jive, and lately JediNews has been posting ANYTHING that comes across their 'desk'. They don't do a lot of double checking into things.

SouthClaw1536d ago

Hopefully gone by the end of season 9

WizzroSupreme1536d ago

Darn, that's a shame. Star Wars is rougher shape than Doc Who at this point. They need a man like him writing for 'em...then again, BBC pays quite a bit I'm sure...