One Character We Hope To See In New Season of Walking Dead

TVOM: "The Walking Dead will be shambling back into our lives next weekend after a long marathon on AMC of all the seasons in order. With the first half of the new season steadily approaching, we cannot help but think about some of the things we hope the show does this season. While we wish for a long, gory stay at Terminus, who knows how that will play out. While we hope Carol reunites with the group and becomes the new leader, who even knows what is in store for her and Tyreese this season. But one thing we have heard we may see is the one thing we want to see, and it is not a thing. It is a brutal human character brought over from the comic. His name is….."

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Crazay1617d ago

I'm a lil nervous at the prospect of Negan coming into the picture too but I suspect that won't happen until the very end of the season. Perhaps the final episode with him doing something pretty big.

Excalibur1617d ago

When they do Negan it shouldn't be until season 7 and then we should meet him in the mid-season finale.

personally I wish the writers would abandon the comic as their source at this point, I'd like to see something different than the comic.

Crazay1617d ago

I hear what you're saying and I don't completely disagree with it. HOWEVER, I do think they need Negan, and they need him probably sooner than later so they can go off in their own direction because Negan is such a pivotal and important character it would be a huge shame to not include him - Fans of the comic want/need to see him

Excalibur1617d ago

Oh I'm not saying I don't want to see him but (IMO) that whole story line ended up being a disappointment and I really don't want to see some of the things that happened with Lucille come to fruition.

I think Henry Rollins would be the perfect Negan.