First Look: ‘SLC Punk 2′ Pictures Shove Heroin Bob Into the Mosh Pit

From FSR:

There’s an open discussion about nostalgia happening now where participants either decry our reliance on it based on Buzzfeed Gif-sticles and co-opting major studios, or vaunt a highly personalized flavor of hazy memories by looking uncritically at the past. Then there’s Punk’s Dead: SLC Punk! 2, an attempt at opening the wounds of the 90s cult classic and rooting around inside.

Like the mohawked engine that could, the production has taken a successful crowdfunding campaign (no doubt fueled in part by nostalgia) and converted money into moving images — some of which director James Merendino saw fit to share with us.

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GamersHeaven1619d ago

Pointless first one was a great film no need for a sequel.