11 Movie Trilogies You Didn’t Know Were Trilogies

The trilogy is a mainstay of Hollywood. Lord of the Rings, Back to the Future, Star Wars (actually in the process of becoming a trilogy of trilogies): all franchises that have gone on to rake in massive box set sales.

But there are some films out there that form a whole different kind of trilogy. ‘Thematic’ trilogies if you will, in that they’re linked by similar tones, themes or even film-making techniques. Just because these films don’t follow the same narrative as what’s come before them, and don’t have a number tacked on to the ends of their titles, doesn’t mean we can’t regard them as being part of the same trilogy. Hot Fuzz wasn’t Shaun of the Dead 2, but both films are indeed in the same trilogy.

Alex Nelson takes a look at eleven cinematic trios that transcend sequential storytelling.

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aDDicteD1477d ago

amazing some of them i totally knew where together but some were a surprise and i like the theme titles like the rewritten history trilogy, depression trilogy etc. it has a nice kick to it.

Hergula1477d ago

Most of these are not trilogies... they are spiritual successors, from, usually, the same creators that bring the spirit of previous films to the next ones.

But most of the ones mentioned in this article are stretching the meaning of "trilogy", using the word however they want...