No Stephen Amell In Batman Vs. Superman


Stephen Amell and Arrow will be coming to this Summer's Comic-Con where he recently teased his involvement with three other big things at the convention.

Apparently some people speculated that it might be a Batman Vs. Superman announcement regarding his invovlement.

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darklordzor1479d ago

Not really a surprise. I mean, DC has stated several times that their shows and movies will exist separately and they want it that way. This way fans who aren't happy with one aspect, might find what they're looking for in a different show or movie.

Crazay1479d ago

Ya I guess...Still a bit of a bummer though.

Porcelain_Chicken1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

I wanted it to happen aswell, but it was obviously not going too. The timelines didn't match up at all. Arrow S1 took place the same year as Man of Steel (post-island at least). Yet Ollie never received Zod's worldwide "YOU ARE NOT ALONE" speech. Also Arrow is set to run for 5 seasons. Each season shows a different year on both the island AND as Arrow back in civilization (at least that's what the director's concept was, haven't seen all of S2 xP). So Arrow s2 i'm guessing happened a year after Arrow S1, in 2014, while BvS is set (according to rumours, 1 to 2 years after MoS 2013). So they BvS happens somewhat alongside Arrow s2. :/

Also, with the Kryptonian world engine and the events of Man of Steel in general acting as a catalyst for other heroes, to either stop working in the shadows, or sitting idly by in their underwater city, or training comfortably in a secluded island. Ollie would DEFINITLEY hear about it. And want in. Same with Barry.