Watch First Trailer For 'War Story'

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On paper, this sounds really great. Catherine Keener and Ben Kingsley co-starring in a drama about a war photographer stricken with grief, it seems like it could be powerful stuff. But it says something after its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, buzz has been mostly nil.

And so, into cinemas it goes hoping to stir fresh interest, with a new trailer now having arrived. Mark Jackson ("Without") directs this one, which is about as sombre as the trailer suggests, but unfortunately, it never quite came together for your correspondent in Park City. "A baffling picture with the strangest, most aloof intentions and form, it's unclear what sort of audience 'War Story' intends to draw in, outside of the foolishly fringe-curious," Rodrigo wrote in his review, so yes, proceed with caution.

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