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Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode #2 – 117 Review | Fandom Post

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While I had hoped for a bit more of a follow-up on the more immediate events of the end of the third season, Teen Wolf certainly took off running with the fourth season premiere as it dropped us into a bigger world, introducing us to the Hunters down in Mexico that have their own ways, showing a bit more of what’s going on with Scott and Kira and nudging Lydia along a bit as well. And, of course, it gave us a younger Derek at the end that really left you wondering what the deal is here with everything. But I still admit that I wanted more of the fallout from Allison’s death and how it was impacting people in the time since. Yet I can admit that with the bigger issues at play with Peter and so forth that just moving forward can be important for the gang in coping with all that they’ve been through.

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