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Earth To Echo Review | Geekenstein

"Developed, funded, and then eventually discarded by Disney, Earth to Echo is an interesting stab at creating a technologically updated version of E.T. for today’s easily distracted youth. Whereas Steven Spielberg’s lovable alien desired only to phone home on a landline, Echo the robot overtakes the smartphones of our protagonists and gives them GPS directions to where they need to go, all while using phone cameras as a substitute for his broken eyes. It’s a neat trick, and one that possibly could have been explored further if Echo was actually in the movie for longer. Instead, he seems like an afterthought, and the real stars of the story are the quartet of humans who escort him around the desert looking for the spaceship parts he needs. The real joys from Echo come from the natural humor and chemistry that comes from its child actors, which is an accomplishment all its own. Their reactions to unbelievable situations are realistic and charming, and that will be enough to get its intended younger audience through some of its more contrived plotting and the utter lack of interaction with the film’s title character." - Alex Santa Maria of Geekenstein

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