What Are the Big Comic-Con Plans Stephen Amell is Teasing?


What's Stephen Amell up to at San Diego Comic-Con? The Arrow star will be part of the panel for his series, of course, but today he teased much more is in store.

During a longer Facebook post, Amell wrote the following:

You know I'm going to be at San Diego Comic-Con International this year, but you have no idea what I'm going to be doing. The Arrow panel on Friday evening is the literal tip of the iceberg. Feel free to speculate. There are (at least) 3 more things on my schedule. Big things. Needless to say, I plan on winning Comic-Con this year. Captain Style.

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Crazay1451d ago

Personally, I would LOVE it if they made him a part of the Justice League movie. I really like the show a lot and even caught the Flash Pilot the other day and enjoyed it. I think having them cross over into the Film Universe - it creates a more cohesive product and there's no confusion as to who is playing who plus it gives the ability to have people from the movies make the jump into the shows for story arcs that can all tie together in the end.

-Foxtrot1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

I really think they need to keep the shows separate from the films.

They have totally different tones to them and Arrow has changed to much to the Green Arrow. I'd rather they brought the GA into a JL movie which sticks to the comic books.

Thing is if they bring him into the JL film then they also bring Grant Gustin as the Flash...and that's something I wouldn't want to see.

Crazay1451d ago

Your feelings about Grant Gustin are well known around here but I have to disagree with your assessment of him. I really liked the pilot.

On the tone of Arrow vs. what the movies are, I think that Arrow has an equally darker tone to the movies, perhaps slightly darker and I suspect that BvS is going to get a bit more on the Batman side of bleakness.

-Foxtrot1451d ago

Arrow dosen't know what it's doing half the time, tone wise

First it's trying to be grounded like Batman Begins then all of a sudden it's un-realistic adding full on Super heros like the Flash and rumoured Green Lantern.

As for Grant, I know, I was just making a point...fact is he wouldn't go with the others in the film. Compared to them he is far to young, we don't need more crap actors joining the film

5upreMe1450d ago Show
ironfist921451d ago

As much as I love BvS, Arrow and Flash, I prefer to keep the movie and TV shows separate.

Better stories can be told this way, licenses, names and references can be used without unecessary tip-toeing around the films, which AoS is guilty of.

alycakes1451d ago

Arrow has turned out to be a really great show and good writing and interesting characters. I wouldn't mind if they did use Stephen Amell in the movie. He's a good actor, he's fit and I'm sure he's part wouldn't be so big that he couldn't make time for it.

DarkBlood1450d ago

Heres hoping he is apart of the justice league.

and if you go on his facebook page or wherever im told that he said his arrow and grants flash are the definitive version of the dc universe

that means something but either way im looking forward to the epic announcement

ironfist921450d ago

Makes me wonder about the Flash/Green Lantern team up film they announced, and whether or not theyll link it with the FLash TV show, and have Grant Gustin, or if the Show is like a Prequel story, and in the movie with a different actor, he's just an established Flash.

DarkBlood1450d ago

Interesting I heard something about a arrow/green Lantern pairup for season 3

Exciting to know what actually comes up as theres alot of curious speculating

AdamBellotto1450d ago

I heard he might be voicing green arrow in Lego Batman 3

ironfist921450d ago

Haha, that'd be a treat.

Although dude really needs to lighten up. GA isnt dark and broody like Batman.