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JJ Abrams Might Have Made A Mistake When He Invited Kevin Smith To Star Wars Episode VII Set


By now, most of the Internet has seen the photo of Kevin Smith shedding tears of joy after visiting the set of Star Wars Episode VII. However, it turns out that Kevin Smith’s special day might have been a big mistake.

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Soldierone1476d ago

If I have time tomorrow I want to listen to hear why.

It's funny, ever since Ben became Batman, it has been Smith that gets all these tours and behind the scenes stuff that's making me go wild. He is like one of us getting sneak peaks and acts the same way we would!

dennett3161475d ago

There isn't much to it...just a little email exchange between Kevin and JJ Abrams that is mentioned around the 1hr 18min mark of the podcast.

NCAzrael1475d ago

Yeah, because that's all he's known for.