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First Trailer for Horrible Bosses 2 Brings Everyone Back Together

From Cinelinx:

We knew it was in the works and had filmed, but marketing on the sequel to the hit comedy, Horrible Bosses, has been nonexistent. That all changes now, as Warner Bros. has dropped the first trailer for the upcoming film which brings together all of the key players, including the bosses (ones still alive) from the first film!

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darklordzor1475d ago

This looks pretty good. I'm glad it's not jsut a rehash of the first film's premise (like Hangover 2 was) and they're doing something different. Hopefully it turns out awesome.

-Foxtrot1475d ago

This actually looks like it will work...

Porcelain_Chicken1474d ago

Ha! I'm... kinda in love with Jennifer Aniston now. @_@

BRB i'm gonna go watch Friends.