First Look At Henry Cavill As Clark Kent In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

From CBM:

The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund (RMCTF) Twitter has released a brand new image of Henry Cavill from the set of Zack Snyder's sequel, displaying the well-coiffed hair and business clothing associated with Clark Kent.

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darklordzor1481d ago

Yep, definitely looks like Clark Kent, though the glasses are missing. Since it's a BTS shot, we shouldn't expect the glasses, but it would have been cool to see nonetheless!

Porcelain_Chicken1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

Lookin fancy there Cavill. Why does his chair say Clark? Does he have a chair for each character (Clark, Superman, Kal-el)?!

Nevermind, i'm over thinking it. He looks good. Would have been cool to see him with glasses.

JakeTyler931475d ago

Is it just me or does he look older too? I wonder how much time has passed between Man of Steel and this. It almost looks like he has a little gray in his hair.