Star Wars: December 2015 Or Bust

From LR:

All it took was one week of Star Wars: Episode VII news for me to completely turn around on how I view this production. If you try to form a narrative out of the production so far, all the rumors of infighting and tribulations really make this look like the end, not the pinnacle of JJ Abrams dependability as a blockbuster storyteller.

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darklordzor1484d ago

Been saying it for a while. They're not going to delay the film. Disney is pinning too much on it for their 2015 schedule.

coolbeans1483d ago

Still seems like they have plenty of time anyways. How long does the post production process take for these kinds of films anyways?

darklordzor1482d ago

It'll take a good portion of time, but on the whole, they plan these shoots with extra time in mind. Just in case emergencies happen. It's the reason for the December 2015 release date and not the May one everyone expected.