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"Because of the intense negative emotions I have surrounding the second movie, it was almost painful for me to admit how much I enjoyed Age of Extinction. Somehow Michael Bay actually managed to turn the Transformers franchise around. Well, to an extent. Transformers will never become anything other than a mindless action movie, but that’s what you expect and want out of something about giant transforming robots fighting. If you can forgive the few Michael Bayisms still present you can have a great time with Transformers. Check your brain at the door and just bask in the explosions." - David Rhinehart of Geekenstein

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afalco7131481d ago

I do not get this mindset that that people cannot admit when they like a movie that the public deemed terrible. I despised Transformers 4, but I am not going to verbally bash you because you did. To each their own. And even if I disagree with some of your points, you wrote a nice review.