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Man of Steel 2 Now Batman v Superman: First Teaser Features Batman, Batcave and Zod?


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer has reportedly leaked online before its intended reveal at the San Diego Comic Con 2014.

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Porcelain_Chicken1480d ago



Sorry... On topic. Can't wait for Comic-con... T-T

-Superman-1480d ago

Man of Steel movie was bad. Very bad CGI video game action and movie had no developement or story at all.

bigrob9041480d ago

yea, im gonna have to disagree on all accounts.

MysticStrummer1480d ago

I'd say it had some great CGI action, and the claim that it had no development or story at all is a huge exaggeration. I didn't think it was a very good movie overall though. Not something I'd watch again.

Soulscare1480d ago

...What? Did we watch the same film? The CGI was AMAZING! SM's cape alone was enough CG to disprove your comment. No development or story? I'm sorry but you're wrong. The first 10 minutes of that film, on Krypton, was enough to make a film alone. Not to mention the CG during that sequence...

If you don't like the film, fair enough. I'm not gunna say you're wrong or anything because that's your opinion. At the very least, you could add "Man of Steel was bad in my opinion" to make you come off less arrogant.

Why o why1480d ago

Pretentious. If you dont like elements then fine but theres no need to lie about the movie. Solid superman movie in my opinion

Porcelain_Chicken1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

And i thought Superman Returns was a terrible movie. Just my opinion, i'm not arrogant. It was basically Superman stalking Lois and being the worse father in existence. Plus he had a f**king kid!! DAFUQ!?! Also Lex slept with old ladies for money...

You don't like MoS fine, but it's the closest live-action Superman we've gotten to the comics. Sure the script could have used polish but it worked well enough. And with oscar winning writer Chris Terrio penning the script for BvS:Doj i have high hopes.

"Very bad CGI"

*FACEPALM* Really?!? His friggin cape was CGI like 80% of the time and it looked great! Krypton looked amazing aswell!

"video game action"

You must really hate FilmWatch's sister site. N4G.

"and movie had no developement or story at all."

Now i know we saw a different movies.

spicelicka1480d ago

CGI was great but movie was definitely generic. Nothing compared to dark knight series or even avengers. Didn't care about anyone in that movie other than maybe superman's dad, specially didn't care about lois she had no purpose in that movie.

-Superman-1479d ago

1)Movie was soulless.
2)They used too much action. Even Kent death scene they had to use big explosion(like Bay action movies).
3)No, CGI was like video game. I seen over 1000 different movies and even Transformers 2007 had better CGI than Man of Steel.
4)Nope. Story was bad. Let´s see. First 30 min he reminds his past. After past scenes he finds ship where is Superman costume. He takes Superman costume, flies and goes home. After getting home Zod comes to earth and starts non killing. After that it´s 1hr and 3 min non stop action without story developement.
So, 30 min past scenes, 30 min finding suit and then 1 min fighting against bad guys. How finding a suit and same day bad guys attack planet is good story? its very lasy writing. You should go read books.

Shad0wRunner1479d ago


1) Man Of Steel was not soulless. Not even sure what you mean by that. The movie and the characters had plenty of soul.

2) Too much action? IDK what rock you've been under, but Superman movies have always been full of action...all the way back to Reeves movies. Supes would be boring as hell without the action.

3) The CGI was fine. Not sure what youre expecting for a Superman movie. Krypton, supes powers, Zod, the fight scenes...all had decent CGI. Your standards must be beyond realistic.

4) The story was decent, at best. This movie was a reboot. They had to spend the first 30 min of the movie laying the backstory for his origins. You cant just jump into a reboot and introduce supes like he was already there. Use a little common sense. He had to find the ship and get his suit from his father and from there, the story PROGRESSES into the battle with Zod and friends. Of course it's non stop action, from there. By this time, youre at the peak of the movie. Supes has to eliminate the enemy threat. His battle with Zod and the others is an important part of the story. You cant go forward, without telling it.

I think youre just a very poor critic of the movie...and if you didnt appreciate the first one, I highly doubt youre gonna appreciate Batman Vs. Superman. Cuz it's gonna be more of the same. Maybe you should just lower your standards and enjoy a good movie for what it is - A Good Movie!

1479d ago
-Superman-1479d ago


1)Man of Steel was soulless.
Type in google:
Man of Steel Soul (and it will bring up: "Man of Steel soulless" and "Man of Steel has no soul")

You must be kid if you don´t know what this means. This means movie standard is like Transformers where you don´t care if they live or die because movie just has no soul.
Even every second review says that movie has no soul. Movie is just about killing and action and nothing else.

2)Yes. Too much action. Last 40 min i was so bored at cinema because all we saw was video game action.

3)Nope, CGI was not fine. HAVE YOU EVEN SEEN OTHER MOVIES? There were at least over other 100 movies in 2013 that had better CGI.
Let me show you RANDOM scenes of fighting scenes:

You call this good CGI? I show you what is good CGI:
1) http://www.christiandemocra...

See how huge difference this is?

4)Story was bad. In short: Superman goes to artic and he finds Superman suit. At same day Zod attacks planet and Superman kills Zod.
GREAT STORY??? This is not story.

If Man of Steel was so good then why its rated 55% Rotten or 55% metacritic???
Nope, only kids (who liked Transformers) liked Man of Steel. Man of Steel = Transformers but just with worse CGI

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HRoach6161480d ago

That would be so damn awesome to see. I wasn't expecting any footage to be shown till around the end of the year.

Pretty stoked

hazelamy1480d ago

Zod's dead, baby, Zod's dead.

TheWolverine1479d ago

Anyone who understands hazelamy's comment gets a cookie.

windblowsagain1480d ago

I enjoyed Man of Steel. But i've enjoyed most superman movies.

Batman films have also been very good.

But seriously.

Batman is just a billionaire in a suit.

Superman is an alien in a suit and has superpowers regardless of what he is wearing.

He could crush the batmobile with one hand.

Porcelain_Chicken1480d ago

Haha that he could. Well Batman has beaten Superman before. Either way i think it'll be more of a clash of opposing views and ideologies as opposed to an actual physical fight. But i could be wrong.

mafiahajeri1480d ago

Batman is the greatest detective in the world, his brains and cunning have beaten superman in the past, and like you said he's a billionaire. Getting his hands on some kryptonite would be easy for him.

Qrphe1479d ago

One of Superman's most iconic enemies, Lex Luthor, is also a human

MasterD9191480d ago

I thought the film was fine, but the story just lacked something...Maybe it was because I was expecting more Superman in Metropolis than Clark Kent at the farm. But, that (plus Batman) has me excited for the next film.

The teaser sounds simple. I just want to see Batman anyways.

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