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First Look: Final Season Of ‘The Killing’ On Netflix; Plus Video Recap Of Seasons 1-3

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“The Killing” is a curious show with almost nine lives. A major hit out of the gate for AMC that looked like it could replicate some of the success of “Breaking Bad” or other flagship shows on the network. Like we wrote at the beginning of season 2, “the pilot episode of the show—an eerie mix of David Fincher “Se7en” rain/gloom aesthetics and the “Twin Peaks”-like ominousness found in the Pacific Northwest—received near universal acclaim from critics.” But the show quickly went south, dragged everything out and went a little nuts with red herrings that lead into cul de sac after cul del sac. Ratings dropped and by the end of season two, the show was canceled. AMC then unkilled it, brought it back for season 3 and then canceled it again.

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alycakes1483d ago

Just when I get into it, they change it to Netflix...I do not want to give in to Netflix!