Exclusive: Shane Black Says His Predator Film Is a Sequel, Not a Reboot


Last night, news broke that 20th Century Fox was reviving its Predator franchise with Shane Black attached to direct and write the treatment, while Fred Dekker (The Monster Squad) would handle scripting duties. While it didn’t come as a surprise that Fox wanted to put together another entry in one of its staple film series, it was excellent to hear that Black, who wrote and directed Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and Iron Man 3, would be steering the ship. A veteran screenwriter, Black has developed a signature tone and style that is a welcome reprieve from generic studio actioners, and he proved himself to be a strong director with the incredible Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang then showed he could handle a massive budget on Iron Man 3.

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Crazay1482d ago

AWESOME! I think that this is very good news.

darklordzor1482d ago

Well holy crap! I did not see that coming. Now, I'm even more excited.

DarkBlood1481d ago

Sweet I hope the arnold's character is involved in some way

-Foxtrot1481d ago


I hope Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Glover will be involved.

Crazay1481d ago

That would be an interesting idea. I think glover is retired now though. He finally got "too old for this shit."

Kurylo3d1480d ago

why would u want them envolved? so they break a hip jogging away from a predator.

Alxe1481d ago

woooowwww .... awesome ...

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