Deadpool Movie Teaser At San Diego Comic Con 2014 While Ryan Reynolds Leaves The Project


The Deadpool movie teaser is going to be shown at the San Diego Comic Con 2014!
According to the report of the Comic Central City, Marvel Comics and 20th Century Fox are going to put on a good panel for the fans by showing the Deadpool movie teaser trailer during the San Diego Comic Con 2014.

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RetrospectRealm1363d ago

The hell is gonna play Deadpool now? They should just rule Wolverine: Origins and fan-film and start clean with everything. Or I guess they don't have to since what happened in DOFP.

darklordzor1363d ago

Yep, that's pretty much what happened with Days of Future Past. Now we can act like none of that crap happened.

gigoran1362d ago

Them saying DOFP ignores the past mistakes from the movie series and moves on better and fresh is comparable to throwing gasoline on a fire.

The past movie series as well as the new reboot are all full of inaccuracies that would make any true hardcore Marvel fan cringe. BUT if you look at them as just movies that are loosely based on popular comic books then their mistakes are excusable. But in all honestly the new film, as entertaining as it is, doesn't improve the representations of Marvel characters any more than the previous titles did.

darklordzor1363d ago

I know a lot of people are looking forward to this, but I'm having a hard time buying into this rumor. I feel like Fox will be leading more with FF and Apocalypse than anything else.

Crazay1363d ago

I hope it's not true about Ryan Reynolds because I thought he was decent in the role, but, he's now had 3 cbms that have been regarded as failures. Maybe enough is enough?

Porcelain_Chicken1363d ago

If anything that's probably the case. Shame since Ryan did the best he could as all 3 characters. The 3 movies just had massive script issues. Hope it's bull too.

Whore_Mouth1362d ago

Don't forget that he was in Blade 3.

calis1363d ago

Bit strange since Reynolds has been fighting for the movie for years.

zlpw0ker1362d ago

well,Reynolds didnt really play Deadpool in X-men Origins Woverine, but he did play Wade. But Scott Atkins played the deadpool fight vs wolverine in the movie, 1 of the signature moves from atkins in undisputed and Origins is that does a 360 kick to the face and lands on his feet. So I hope they will go with Scot atkins, he is really good on acrobatics.