Da Sweet Blood Of Jesus Review -IGN

IGN: The fate of Spike Lee's latest joint rested on the strength of his legacy. In August 2013, the filmmaker asked fans of to contribute to a $1.25 million Kickstarter campaign for a movie described as a “funny, sexy and bloody love story.” Lee exceeded his goal, raising $1.4 million to make whatever his heart desired — it just had to be verifiably him. What could have setup for indulgence amounts to Lee's fiercest film in a decade; Da Sweet Blood of Jesus is bloodthirsty, a sultry and strange portrait of addiction roaring with a wicked sense of humor. Messy and headstrong, Lee piles on ideas without sussing out the film's identity, but it's all provocative. The director said he needed Kickstarter to make this movie outside the business-first industry. He wasn't kidding.

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