Dino Supervisor Phil Tippett Teases "Big" Jurassic World Presence At Comic-Con


With Jurassic World releasing next summer, it was expected that something from the film would be shown at SDCC this year, probably some footage & a glimpse at a dino or two, but Dinosaur Supervisor Phil Tippett is teasing that we might be getting something a little bigger..

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darklordzor1488d ago

He never actually says it's Jurassic Park related. I saw his tweet earlier this morning, but wasn't entirely sure what he would be bringing. While it's logical to assume so, you never know.

Crazay1488d ago

True enough buuuuttt...I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing our old friend Earth's Original Bad Ass, T-REX sooner than later

darklordzor1488d ago

Oh, undoubtedly. I'm more remarking on the level of "journalism" these days with sites reporting on stuff like this with no information and pure speculation.