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TVF Covert Affairs Premiere Review: Keeping Secrets

Surprise surprise!

After killing Henry, Annie headed out of Hong Kong by boat with a contemplative look on her face.

Instead of rushing back to the States, she hid out and escaped the agency's watchers. She remained underground for four months before she decided to return and re-emerged in Washington D.C on Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 1.

The ease of Annie's return into the CIA fold was astonishing. She underwent a polygraph and passed beat it. It was like she never faked her death, went dark or killed Henry Wilcox. I'm guessing since Calder was in on it, she was in the clear for her actions. She definitely was lying about her four month absence, but the polygraph doesn't lie, right?

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alycakes1485d ago

I thought that maybe she had been in some kind of trouble and that's why she hadn't been back but I hadn't thought it was medical until she had that attack. It took me by surprise and I think it's serious so this season will be rough on her to keep going with this secret she's keeping.