The Best TV Shows You've Never Seen

Laid-back criminals with secrets to hide, dodgy dames with back-stories darker than sin, and straight-shooting lawmen on a mission – it can only be Banshee, which returns to Sky Atlantic next month. But if at this point you’re saying “what on earth’s Banshee?” then you’re not alone; now on its second series, this neo-noir, from True Blood/Six Feet Under maestro Alan Ball, has barely created a ripple on these shores, despite being a pulp-tastic riot.

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alycakes1488d ago

Totally agree about the show

alycakes1488d ago

I started watching this show one day when I was flipping channels and I got hooked. It takes you to places you just can't imagine. I couldn't believe the shootout in the church in the was awesome! The whole story is just different. A little hard to watch sometimes but still they don't hide anything.....they get down to business when it comes to murder, fights, just plain ole sex.