Best 3D Movies So Far

You would have been watched so many 3D movies, here we have some of the best 3D movies ever made in the movie history. For this list, we picked the best movies that were entirely released in or at least relied heavily upon 3D effects, and showed us what 3D filmmaking was capable of.

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saadd201488d ago

Avatar ranks highest for me!

Alxe1488d ago

Avatar is one of the best with 3D and visual effects... but its not on top for me

hollabox1487d ago

I'm going with Gravity number 1, followed by Prometheus, Pacific Rim, Avatar, legends of guardians, and Rio.

The worst 3D movies I've wasted my money on starts off with Priest, 47 Ronin, The Avengers, Harry Potter and the DH, World War Z, and finally The Immortals. All movies listed are neither good or bad, just going off my 3D viewing experience on my Samsung PND8000 and UNC8000 TVs.

hammad4121488d ago

Life of Pi and Gravity movies ever

overlord231487d ago

Life of Pi was the biggest pile of trash I have ever seen so boring.
Gravity was out of this world!

KingPin1487d ago

if life of pi was crap to you, i take it that entire movie went over your head. such a shame.

Alxe1488d ago

for me it was Up and Rise of the Guardian... best

barb_wire1487d ago

"How to Train your Dragon" has excellent 3D, very subtle in places and yet at other times the images on the screen just popped out at you.

VforVideogames1487d ago

Gravity and Avatar have the best use of 3D period and IMO Gravity its a better movie overall.

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