15 Movies with Best CGI Effects

SkunkMe: Here is a list of 15 Movies with best CGI effects.

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CaptainYesterday1158d ago

Jurassic Park was so ahead of it's time

Rute1157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

I think Jurassic Park benefitted hugely from the animatronics robots. They not only made for some really cool and believable sequences but also provided good reference for the CGI artists for the parts where CGI replaced the animatronics.

Check out

cyclindk1157d ago

I believe you mean autoerotica ;)

mydyingparadiselost1157d ago

It's true, the CG in that movie STILL looks better than a lot of releases today.

coolbeans1151d ago

One of ILM's best efforts of all time.