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15 Great Movies You Might Have Missed

SkunkMe: This is the list of the 15 greatest movies that you have missed in the past some of them are really really good too bad they never get the recognition that they deserved.

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FRA851457d ago

I agree with the films listed that i've watched so i'll try and watch the others too.
With the exciption of attack the block, didnt like that one. sunshine wasnt great either

iamnsuperman1457d ago

I really liked Attack the Block. It didn't take itself serious and it was an enjoyable watch for that resaon

Gezmoyassine1457d ago

WOW i haven't heard of most of those movies and this is coming from someone who watches a lot of movies.

overlord231457d ago

The ending on Layer Cake is silly spoilt the film for me.
Trired to see the other films but website kept freezing on me.

iamnsuperman1457d ago

Children of men is a phenomenal film. I would add to this list Harry Brown (but it might be more well known that I think it is). Michael Caine on a council estate, what more do you want

stiggs1457d ago

I've seen 14 of the 15 films that are listed in the article. Man, I need to diversify my activities.